no energy and headache

First of, i apologize for not writing the last few days. I just felt so uninspired, had a headache to often and just felt like staying in bed all day (although I didn’t). I really tried to take some time to write, but whenever i tried to think about something to write about I was so uninspired and lazy.

I decided, I have to break the cycle of not writing, so I make this post.

Actually I have a bad headache, I helped a friend to move earlier this day and it is damn hot in here. I have to go food shopping later on…

Sorry for complaining, I know that’s not really interesting. So I might give you some advice what to do when you are having a headache (trust me I am en expert – after suffering from headache for ages).

First of always make sure u had enough liquids (preferable water). I know, I know maybe it feels like you have had enough but maybe it is not. Try to drink another glass of water or eat some water rich fruit or veggies and see if it makes a difference.

The next tip might sound silly if you are sitting in Uni or at work obviously you can’t just go to bed. But honestly a quite spot preferable also dark does wonders. For me I can’t even stand listening to music when I have a really bad headache. If it is not that intense maybe just making the light less intense as the music might help you a bit.

Other then that most of the time you just have to wait until it goes away. Try to listen to your body and don’t force yourself to do stuff which your body hates.




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