Spending a day alone at home without feeling shitty

I know there are different kinds of people and some absolutely enjoy spending there whole day in their bed with a gigantic pack of chips (which crumble all over the bed) and their MacBook watching some pointless netflix show. Don’t get me wrong, I kind of get but also not really. Of course when I find a new show (I started Perception today) I also want to see it but for me the tube was never a priority.

For me when I am spending a whole day in my bed it usually equals misery. Like deep, deep misery and depression. I feel super gross and can’t enjoy it to the slightest.

But I found out there are a few things which make it really enjoyable to spend a day at home. First of taking a shower, shaving my legs, washing my hair and putting on new clean lounge wear is a good step to make yourself more enjoyable. If you feel like a stinky mess, you probably won’t enjoy spending your day at home. Bonus Points for when you change your sheets.

Next of put a little effort in your food. I don’t mean a hell lot of effort- but just placing your chips in a bowl or cutting some fruit and vegetables and serve them with Pb or Hummus makes it a a little more enjoyable.

Next of I would recommend not spending 24 hours (with short bathroom breaks and walking to the kitchen to get some food) in your bed. At least get up every now and then to do some small things. Washing the dishes, hovering the floor or doing your laundry are great start. Extra Points if you do a short stretching or yoga exercise.

All in all it is not about what is actually happening but about how you feel about it. If you just fee gross about not doing anything it makes it even worse. Pamper yourself and be good to yourself- you deserve it.




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