Being a queer woman

I know I am really lucky to be born nowadays where it is way more accepted to be queer.

I personally stoped to label myself and my sexuality but for better understanding I try to explain how I feel. Since early puberty I knew that I can be attracted to all genders. I had phases with different preferences however I would say today that for me it doesn’t really matter. However I have to have a strong emotional connection with a person especially now to see people as a attractive. I have been single for years because yet I haven’t found a person where I can imagine to spend my life with.

I am born a female (not that you should care) and also identify more on the female side of the spectrum, however I think most people have a mixture of masculine and feminin traits. I am pretty sure that the image of how a woman or a men should be like is mostly a society made. But I am pretty happy having a female body.

Other then that my expression varies. Although I sometimes wear mens clothes I mostly still wear female clothes.

In general I think it is of course not that a big deal anymore to be a queer women but a lot of cis men don’t really respect you. They just think your sexuality is something for their pleasure. Also a lot of people who don’t express themselves as expected get way more hate then I usually do. It is a long way to go but I hope it will improve in the future.


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