Having a bad day

Sometimes just nothing goes right. You spend your whole day in your pjs in your bed (and sometimes in the bathroom as in the kitchen), do nothing but eating, watching semi funny youtube videos and smoking a whole pack of cigarettes (when you are a smoker- when you are not just substitute it for a whole package of candy-bars).

Everything feels kind of gross, especially you in your grayish sweatpants, non brushed teeth and non made hair. You press a pillow onto your stomach because you feel sick of all the food.

It is not like there is nothing to do- of course there is. The gigantic pile of laundry is waiting in the bathroom, your floor waits to get vacuumed cleaned and your study materials lies in a sad folder right next to you as a reminder of how lazy you are.

Just nothing goes right, you feel like someone is constantly pumping the energy out of your bones, and also the gigantic box of chocolate ice-cream doesn’t make you feel any better. Something is terrible wrong.

Everybody knows these days ( I hope). And it’s not even that a big problem it just becomes a problem if this misery doesn’t stop after a day.

To get out of this shit, first of clean your dishes. Take a shower and brush your teeth. Move your ass as stupid as it feels. Make yourself a cup of tea. And breath (and not the smoke from your 20st cigarette you get me). You should go outside or at least somewhere else. Maybe meet a friend. Or maybe just maybe force yourself to study at least a bit for the tomorrow morning upcoming exam.


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