Albania my love

I guess a lot of you don’t even know where exactly Albania is – don’t worry that is pretty common. Usually when I am talking to people the shake their head pretty knowingly, but when I ask them to tell me where Albania is, it is always the same  “Somewhere in the east, nah?”

That is true though, as Albania is placed right above Greece – which I hope people know where it is, otherwise pls google it. Albania – or Shqiperia- is one of my country crushes (no that is not a thing I just made it up). I just love the country and I bet I don’t say it to be cool. Albania has a great sea side with turquoise sea (guess what- a seaside with sea) and long white beaches. Great mountains to hike and a colorful capital of Tiranë. Është e bukur.

I like the language although I can’t really speak it, but a few phrases. Of course there are a lot of problems with Albania as it is a really corrupt state and politics are just really fucked up. But still- it is beautiful on it’s own charming way.

The history of Albania sounds like good book- if you are interested I can go into the detail in another post. I just want to tell you, how much I adore Albania.

Faleminderit shumë dhë mirupafshim ❤




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